Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Massacre of the Cake

 Jas's cake.. the before picture
 Everyone else's cake. :) See I can be smart at times...
 He was more interested in the monsters than the cake at first...
 Until I took them away....
 and daddy conveniently put the cake up to his face to eat. :)
 And then I tried shoving his hands in it.
 And then he finally understood & started eating...
 and eating..
 yep, still eating...
 I think we let him eat it for a good 20 minutes...
 And then we took a little break...
 And then decided to eat more.
 Why? Because cake is FANTASTIC!
 And when he started looking like this, we took the cake away.
And this is how it looked AFTER he got his hands on it.
HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to the worlds BEST little boy! We love you Jason!


  1. Seriously SO cute!!! Looks like a very successful first birthday! What a lucky boy to have such a great mama and family!

  2. Adorable cake! And he actually got into it, more than a lot of 1 year olds I've seen. looks yummy!

  3. I keep forgetting that your blog is private now. So glad I remembered to check it tonight. Looks like it was a fabulous birthday for an adorable 1-year-old and his awesome mommy! I LOVE how he devoured his cake! :)